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    Symptoms of Malefic Planets

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Symptoms of Malefic Sun 

  • Mouth will make lots of saliva (Thook)
  • The body remains stiff
  • The relation with father is not good
  • You get success or fame easily
  •  Face ambiguities in every important work
  • Do not get favour from bosses/superiors
  • Problem in the right eye
  • Regular headaches
  • Problems related to bones
  • Heart Problems

Remedies for Sun

Symptoms of Malefic Moon 

  • Weak eyesight
  • Hearing problems
  • Afraid of raking risk in life
  • Your power to taste or smell gets weak
  • You are not able to concentrate well on any subject
  • Have problems in making decision
  • Asthmatic problems
  • Prone to cold
  • Problems like T.B., cough
  • Scared of small issues also

Remedies for Moon

 Symptoms of Malefic Mars 

  • Overall weakness
  • Blood problems
  • Dull Eyes
  • Have lots of fights
  • Lose Tempered
  • No favor from high officials primarily Defense
  • Do not get favour from mass
  • Regular thefts
  • Problems like Pile are due to malefic mars
  • Failure in sports

Remedies for Mars

 Symptoms of Malefic Mercury 

  • Dental problems are regular
  • Your power to smell gets weak
  • Failure in business
  • Low IQ
  • Loss in Shares
  • Problems due to Nervous system
  • Leprosy

Remedies for Mercury

 Symptoms of Malefic Jupiter 

  • Problems related to throat are regular
  • Loss of hair
  • Get influenced with rumors
  • Left studies without any important reason
  • Lost gold
  • Loss in education business
  • No favour from finance departments,
  • Problem in back, spinal cord, lever

Remedies for Jupiter

 Symptoms of Malefic Venus 

  • Like wearing stained cloths
  • Have skin problem
  • No favors from females in general

Remedies for Venus

 Symptoms of Malefic Saturn 

  • Weak eyebrows
  • Ever had a problem due to fire
  • Fall of home/building
  • Accident with iron
  • Loss in construction work of building

Remedies for Saturn

Symptoms of Malefic Rahu 

  • Hand nails turn Black
  • Experience enemies everywhere
  • No support from family

Remedies for Rahu

 Symptoms of Malefic Ketu 

  • Urinal problems
  • Kids going through medical trouble
  • Feet nails turn Black

Remedies for Ketu.


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